ELMORE FOOD PANTRY ITEM: Here is a list of donation items from Trinity for each month.  There is a collection box at the bottom of the stairs in the Narthex for your donations. Thank you for your continued support!

January                        16 oz. bag of noodles

February                      16 oz. box of saltine crackers

March                           10 oz. can of soup

April                              6 oz. can of tuna

May                              15 oz. can of vegetables

June                             Deodorant soap – bath size bar

July                              14-18 oz. box of cereal

August                         29 oz. can of peaches

September                   15 oz. jar peanut butter, smooth or chunky

October                        7.25 oz. box macaroni and cheese

November                    Toilet paper, any size package

December                    13 oz. box of mashed potatoes

Other Ministries in the Community

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